How to Buy Bitcoin in India

Shortly after the launch of bitcoin, the popularity of crypto currency is increasing and today its field is expanding so fast that today there are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin, so how to buy bitcoins in India? .

how to buy bitcoin in india

Some of these popular cryptocurrencies are






Polka Dot



Binance Coin

By the way, you must know that bitcoin is such a virtual i.e. digital money which is in the form of coin or token.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you that how to buy crypto currency is an interesting topic, do not read this article completely.

Now we know what are the rules and regulations for buying and selling crypto currency in India.

It is legal to buy, sell, trade and hold crypto currency in India, although till now the Government of India has not passed any law for crypto regulation.

Nevertheless, buying and selling crypto currency is completely legal, it is important that you cannot use crypto currency as a legal tender in India or you can not use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy and sell any goods and any services. can do

But this happens with gold as well, even though we do not use gold to buy and sell anything, yet its value remains very high for us and something similar applies to cryptocurrencies as well.

How to Buy Bitcoin in India ?

Now that we know what is the process of buying crypto currency, before buying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, you need to have a crypto currency exchange account, personal identification document, secure internet connection and a payment method.

To buy crypto currency you need to complete these steps

Choose A Crypto Currency 

When you sign up on a crypto currency exchange, only then you will be able to buy, sell and hold crypto currency.

For this, you will find many crypto currency exchanges out of which you have to choose the best exchange, for which you should research well because the best exchange is the one which is super easy to use.

Which is secure and also authentic such as India’s Simplest Bitcoin App Coin DCX GO which is developed from India’s largest and safest crypto exchange Coin DCX.

This app is ISO certified and follows all necessary rules and regulations like KYC, AML, procedures.

Coin DCX GO is the best bitcoin application for beginners because buying bitcoin with Coin DCX GO is as easy as tapping on your smartphone.

If you are new to the field of cryptocurrency then Coin DCX GO can be the best choice for you as the investment process here is absolutely effortless.

and in this app you

Bitcoin i.e. BTC,

Ethereum i.e. ETH

Ripple means XRP

Tron means TRX

Apart from these, you can start investing in many other cryptocurrencies.

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, you should also consider the safety option and Coin DCX GO app via OTP or Trusted Authenticator app.

Adds an extra layer of security to your account and you also get the safest exchange on this app with multiple security features including two factor authentication and withdrawal password.

Here your passwords, personal data and all other sensitive information are secure and every cryptocurrency withdrawal is also processed only after verification on the basis of multiple confirmations.

That is, all the quality of safe and super easy exchange is available in Coin DCX GO app.

Connect Your Exchange With a Payment Option

Connect your exchange to the payment option After selecting the best exchange for you, you will need your personal documents.

In which documents like your exchange’s recording PAN, Aadhaar card will be required, most of the exchangers prefive the inspired KYC process so that the illegal use of these currencies can be avoided.

Like Coin DCX GO app and once your identity is confirmed then you can connect to payment option for which you can directly connect to bank account and also use debit and credit card.

For these, you can get variation in pieces and many exchanges also charge transaction fees. Through the Coin DCX GO app, you can make crypto investments directly using your bank account.

And you will have to pay zero transaction fee when you sell cryptobuy and coin from this app, it will not take you more than 20 minutes to connect to the payment option in the DCX GO app.

All you have to do is register, link your account and you can start by depositing Rs.100 and can easily deposit and withdraw 24×7.

Place Order

After adding a back account, you can now buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process of buying and selling crypto in this app is simple and easy for everyone.

In this you can start buying crypto even with just ₹ 10, what can be more easy and suitable than this, so by following these three steps you can buy crypto currency.

But where there is talk of currency, there should also be a matter of safety, so after buying bitcoin and crypto currency, you know how to keep it safe.

Keep Your Cryptocurrency in Safe Storage

After buying crypto currency, you should keep crypto currency in the wallet where it can be more secure.

Some wallets offer only bitcoin storage facility, while some offer to store a variety of cryptocurrencies, in some wallets you can also swipe tokens to others.

When using a bitcoin wallet, you

Hot Wallet

Cold Wallet

As options can be found here Hot Wallet means online wallet and Cold Wallet means offline wallet means paper or hard ware wallet.

Hot wallets run on internet connected devices like computers, phones and tablets and through them you can do fast transactions but keep in mind that storing your private keys on any internet connected device can increase the hacking risk.

This wallet is best for small amounts of crypto currency that you are actively trading on an exchange.

Cold Wallet – When cold wallets are not connected to the internet and the risk is very less, they are also called offline wallets and hardware wallets.

This wallet allows the user’s private keys to reside in a place that is not connected to the Internet and the most secure way to store crypto currency is through a paper wallet that can be generated from a preticular website.

After this it generates Public Key and Private Key which can be printed out on paper and for crypto currency access to these addresses you must have that paper with private key.

By the way, many people get it laminated and keep it in the safety locker of the back, do they take Safeli at home.

These are meant for long term investment as you cannot trade or sell them immediately.

Similarly, there are hardware wallets which are USB drive devices that secure the user’s private keys offline, these wallets are more commonly used than paper wallets.

That is, you need to have three things to setup your wallet.

1 Exchange Account

2 Hot Wallet to Keep Medium Amounts from Crypto Small

3 A Cold Wallet To Hold Crypto Till long Term Durations

By the way, you should also know that bitcoin can also be bought through bitcoin ATMs and P2P (Peer to Peer) exchanges.

So friends, in this way you have already known the process of buying crypto currency and if you want to go into detail about crypto currency and blockchain, then you can learn from its DCX Learn Platform i.e.!

Which is the free education portal of Coin DCX GO and with this information you must tell how did you like this article How to Buy Bitcoin in India by writing in the comment box.

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